• To provide a caring, safe, stimulating, and comfortable learning environment to everybody in the school community
  • To cultivate lifelong learners among students, and all employees
  • To educate and instill to all Batarians respect of their country, cultural and religious diversity, environment, and society
  • To engage Batarians in character building activities for their personal growth and become kind, persevering, responsible, confident, and independent persons
  • To lead and inspire change in the local community and society at large.


To provide Batarians a caring and stimulating learning environment to mold them into well-rounded citizens ready to face global challenges. 


Batari School was officially founded in 1995, with the enthusiasm of 8 initiators, to help fill the gap in quality education in the city of Medan. In the Foundation Decree number 143 of 1995, the spirit and purpose of the Foundation were stated clearly, one of which is to help the government in the social sector, namely by providing educational services to the community.

With God’s will and support from the government, Batari School grows like a child grows every year with a mission to educate children in a holistic and caring environment. Batari School has had a long experience in school management, social interaction with Indonesian families – especially in the city of Medan, and teaching pedagogy. We aim to cultivate Pancasila characteristics in children so that they have faith in God, and are virtuous, responsible, independent, global-minded, creative, and people-oriented.

At Batari School, we are committed to providing high-quality teaching and learning in an environment that is built on strong values and character. Students are educated on how to behave, communicate, and work harmoniously with school, family, and the community.

In Batari School, we also provide rigorous and engaging academic programs which inspire children to learn and develop 21st-century skills which will prepare them to positively contribute to the society in which they live as leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

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