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We care and create a school culture where students feel belonged to a nurturing environment where faculty and staff support, challenge and engage them. We care to provide a strong curriculum where students grow academically, socially and spiritually.


Hi, I am Ms. Agatha. I've been teaching in Batari School for almost 16 years. The reasons for becoming a teacher are numerous, but in my opinion, teaching is not just a job, it is truly a blessing. To be a teacher, as you see each little brain, each tiny hand, each little heart open up to you and practice your teachings, seek guidance, share discomfort and fears, those are good things and I enjoy teaching for those reasons.

Ms Agatha, Elementary Teacher

Hi everyone! I'm Kania Sari Rahmani. I have been in Batari since I was a toddler, basically I have been in Batari for my entire life. Even though I have never been in other schools before, I realize Batari is like a second home to me. I love seeing my friends every day, love how there are lots of activities and projects, also learning not only just academics but also how to be someone with manners. The teachers in Batari are so supportive and also patient in helping us out. I love Batari School so much.

Kania Sari Rahmani,
High school student

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